Monday, June 15, 2009

Ranking of India’s Top Law Schools - 2009

India Today has just published its survey of top educational institutions in India. As far as law schools are concerned, there has been a shuffle at the very top compared to 2008. National Law School of India University, Bangalore has regained the top spot, while NALSAR, Hyderabad ranks second. They are followed by Faculty of Law, Delhi University (3rd), National Law Institute University, Bhopal (4th) and ILS Law College, Pune (5th).

Available online are a report on the leading law schools and a ranking of the top 25.

(Update – June 18, 2009: Outlook India magazine has also since released its ranking of law schools in India. While the National Law School, Bangalore remains on top, NUJS Kolkata is placed 2nd, followed by NALSAR, Hyderabad (3rd), ILS Law College, Pune (4th) and Symbiosis Law College, Pune (5th).)


Raghuveer said... -

Outlook seems to have laid down a methodology for rankings. Would love know the same about India Today's rankings.

Anonymous said...

India Today obviously doesnt know too much abt law colleges in India.....any law student wil tell you the rankings are ridiculous. I do not really have to say it in as many words but the national law schools- particularly the ones at Calcutta, Jodhpur and Bhopal are head and shoulders above the ones appearing in the top 5 / top 10. One only has to look at the selection procedure of candidates to draw a conclusion. And yes, NLS and NALSAR deserve to be where they are.

Anonymous said...

agree with anonymous .. outlook ranking seem to be ludicrous ..