Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Socio-Legal Review: Essay Competition

The Socio-Legal Review, the student edited peer reviewed journal of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore is holding the 2nd Annual SLR Essay Competition.
Students from law schools and other undergraduate courses in India and around the world can participate and submit their essays on the topics mentioned below.
1. Emergent Civil Society: Redefining or negating participative democracy?
2. Rule of Law in Fledgling Societies: Is parliamentary democracy still the best solution? Discuss and highlight possible alternatives in light of the Arab Spring and Occupy Protests.
3. Freedom of Speech and Role of the Media: To what extent can and should the Press Council of India regulate content and reduce sensational Journalism
Word Limit: 2,500 to 3,000 words (exclusive of footnotes) and the essay is to be submitted via email and the deadline for submissions is 30th April, 2012
The essay competition is supported by a trust floated by Smt and Sri S.V.Joga Rao (visiting professor, NLSIU) In memory of their parents.


Anonymous said...

a minor correction, the deadline can't be April 31!

vswami said...

The Topics selected are quite appropriate and suits well the today's context. One would suggest that it may prove interesting to read, if a couple of the merited essays on each of the topics are published in this Blog in due course.

V. Umakanth said...

@Anonymous. Thank! It has been corrected now.

Anonymous said...

Are their any prizes for winners or any sort of a remuneration !!

Anonymous said...

I tried to find this out on the official website, but no information is uploaded as there as yet. Please provide the source of this information.