Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trade, Law & Development: Special Issue on India and the World Economic Order

[The following is an announcement from the Trade, Law & Development journal]

The Board of Editors of Trade, Law & Development is pleased to announce the theme for its next Special Issue (Vol. V, No. 1, Summer 2013): India and the World Economic Order.

More than two decades ago, India abandoned its quasi-isolationist position and began implementing radical policy changes in order to fully integrate itself into the world trading system. Through the years India has attempted to strike a balance between its welfare agenda and the compliance necessitated by the prevalent international legal order, by shifting from a quasi-isolationist position in the world economic system, to achieving a considerable amount of trade and investment activity.

Inspired by the role of India in the continuing evolution of the world economic system, the Board of Editors invites original, unpublished submissions for the Special Issue on India and the World Economic Order for publication as ‘Articles’, ‘Notes’, ‘Comments’ and/or ‘Book Reviews’. Submissions can deal with any aspect of India’s role or policies in the world economic system. Manuscripts may be submitted via email, ExpressO, or the TL&D website. The last date for submissions is February 15, 2013. For further information and submission guidelines, please visit the journal website at www.tradelawdevelopment.com. For further queries, contact the editors at: editors[at]tradelawdevelopment.com.

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