Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revised FDI Policy Issued

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Government of India has issued the revised Consolidated FDI Policy by way of Circular 1 of 2013, which came into effect on April 1, 2013. This is pursuant to the Government’s policy adopted a couple of years ago to update the FDI policy periodically (now annually) such that it is available on a consolidated basis.

The new policy incorporates all the changes made in the FDI regime in the last 12 months. Notable among those relate to the retail sector (both multi-brand and single-brand) and the aviation sector.

While the practice of consolidation is welcome, the specific changes made in the current policy are not evident from the text, and it would be necessary to compare with the various press notes issued over the last year. It would help if those changes are highlighted in this document or a separate note, which would make the policy more user-friendly.

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Summary seeker said...

Has any law firm or anyone taken the pain to analyse the Policy and present the highlights and the changes incorporated in it.
Generally within a day or two the highlights are out by several firms and individuals, however this time I cannot locate even one. Strange!