Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Certification Courses in Corporate Law

[Student readers may be interested in the following certification courses in corporate law offered by Rainmaker]

The Advanced Professional Certification in Corporate Law Practice is designed specifically for senior law students (4th or 5th year students in 5-year LL.B. courses, or final year students in 3-year LL.B. courses) and junior associates in law firms (with less then 2 years’ experience). This programme contains advanced courses on M&A, Securities Law, Banking and Finance and drafting and reviewing Commercial Contracts, a specialised course on Competition Law, and a free course on Company Law, covering the new Companies Act, 2013 comprehensively. It is intended for those with at least a basic knowledge of M&A, securities and banking and finance laws. In fact, myLaw.net suggests that candidates take a short diagnostic test to gauge whether they know enough to take this programme. This is a focused and comprehensive training regime for corporate law firm aspirants.

Visit apcclp.mylaw.net for more details on it.

For those who are beginners to corporate law, myLaw.net offers the Certification of Specialisation in Corporate Law, which has been created for more junior law students who want to get a head start and really shine in their internships. This programme has introductory courses on M&A, Securities Law, Banking and Finance, Drafting and Company Law. This is an opportunity for law students to get a real-world introduction to the practical work that goes on in a corporate law firm.

Visit cscl.mylaw.net for more details on it.

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